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Rats: Pest Control


Rats' Pest Control Rat Infestations Need Professional Treatment

Professional pest treatment is necessary since rat populations have grown due to recent warmer winters.

However, in low-risk locations, Do-It-Yourself (DIY) items are a cost-effective approach to halt rat issues. Professional rat control is required in high-risk regions with more established rodent colonies when there is a recurrent infestation.

If your infestation is more severe and you are unable to control it, you will want more professional treatment that is not available over-the-counter.

The National Pest Technicians Association (NPTA), whose members serve the whole United Kingdom, can offer advice and put an end to any pest issue, no matter how big or small. If you live in South Yorkshire, Apex Pest Control, a prestigious NPTA member with offices in Sheffield and Barnsley, is available to help.

Apex has the technical know-how and experience to apply professional-grade solutions effectively while limiting harm to the environment and non-target species. Apex will assist in reducing pest activity using a variety of ways.

Rat bait stations are a tried-and-true rat deterrent that are safe to use even in areas with kids or pets around. They are professionally handled by Apex Pest Control.

DID YOU KNOW: Rats can perceive noises up to about 90,000Hz, which is twice as high as a dog's hearing and four times higher than our own. Since rats are sociable creatures, there are probably others in the area if you encounter one.

How Can I Determine Whether I Have A Rat Issue?

Rats seldom appear during the day since they usually emerge at night. Yet there are several techniques to determine whether you have rodents in your house or place of business.

The size of a rice grain, rat droppings are dark brown. Rats are frequently found in dense populations, making it simple to notice them.

Bite marks - Rats must continually chew and bite on items to wear down their teeth. Look for bite marks on any surface, including concrete and wood.

Movement Rats are nocturnal creatures that enter your home through cracks in the walls, the attic, or the floorboards. During the night, you could hear them roaming about.

If you suspect that you have rats, you can conduct a test by spreading some flour on the surfaces and looking for tracks the next day.

Sheathing surrounding electrical lines, which provide a serious fire danger, and pipes, which are likely to experience leaks, are examples of common gnaw-spots. Rats' teeth will bite and nibble through most objects, including glass, metal, bone, water, and gas. Thus they may do a great deal of damage to both houses and businesses.

Rats have oily fur, so when they frequently run down a certain path, they'll leave smear marks. On some surfaces, it's possible to observe rat tail swipes or tracks. Oftentimes, sounds can be heard coming from building cavities or loft spaces.

Since there are several rodent species, like the black rat and common brown rat, identifying the sort of rats you have is essential for rat eradication.

Commercial Rat Control

Rats pose serious threats to the public's health when they enter premises where you store food and are likely to cause a number of major issues. However, the expense of reputational harm brought on by rodent infestation may be significantly higher.

  • Scare - Customers will feel uneasy if they see rats or know that there are pests on the property.
  • Instant loss of trust - As word spreads, your reputation suffers immediately.
  • Damage - Rats gnawing on wires, walls, wood beams, and contamination cause property damage.
  • Losses - Profits are impacted by polluted inventory, fewer clients, and reputation.
  • Legal side - Environmental management is necessary for several companies, including the food, storage, and agricultural sectors.
    According to the law, food establishments must allow appropriate food hygiene procedures, such as safeguards against contamination and, in particular, pest control.

The Food Standards Act of 1990 and the regulations created under it, the Food Safety (General Food Hygiene) Regulations of 1995, serve as the foundation for the legal framework in the UK governing pest management in food facilities.

Dr. Corrigan told the BBC that hungry rodents "can wander quite a distance and end up in a different neighbourhood completely where there had not been rats before."

Rat-Proofing Techniques To Prevent Infestation 

By rat-proofing your house or place of business, you may avoid rodent infestations. Rat-proofing your property is absolutely necessary for your health and safety if you have discovered signs of rats or have previously dealt with a rodent infestation in your home or business. The only approach to stopping future rat infestations from damaging your property and endangering your health is through efficient and expert rat management.

Block all access points - Inspecting your property's foundation and walls to ensure that all potential entry points are blocked is the single most crucial preventive precaution you can take to keep mice and rats out.

Rodent-proofing materials - Caulk, coarse steel wool, concrete, copper, or aluminium wire mesh, and 19 gauge hardware cloth are some rodent-proofing materials. Steel sheet, a thickness of 26 gauge Common Access Points All foundation, wall, basement, and other cracks and openings should be filled up or repaired.

Rat access points include damaged drains and covers and the existence of adjoining sewers.

Close up any openings and cracks near door and window frames.

To combat rats, rat-proofing can be done either inside or outside utilising a service. Additionally, rat-proof any storage facilities for goods or apartment buildings. At the base of a door, air vent covers or metal composite plates may occasionally be added as part of a proofing service.


Rat Control Solutions From Apex Pest Control

Our National Pest Technicians Association (NPTA) Certified Technicians offer effective, safe solutions for rat removal by using treatments that are at the top of their field.

The monitoring of any prospective breeding grounds is one of the treatments. They will provide recommendations for next steps based on the pest issues. The most effective means of prevention is frequently routine rodent control.

If you have questions concerning a rodent infestation or would like to schedule a treatment, please get in touch with us.

Common Queries And Responses

How Are Rats Removed By Pest Control Services?

1. Examine the area and determine the kind of rodents present, the extent of the infestation, and any points of entrance.

2. Fill up any gaps - Holes and cracks on the outside of your building are entry points for rodents. Additionally, faulty drains will allow rats access to the building.

3.Organise and declutter - Minimise clutter. A cleaner environment implies fewer hiding spots. Be careful to keep trash in airtight containers.

4. Remove possible food sources - You may accomplish this by keeping dry goods in sealed containers and making sure that food isn't left out on counters and work surfaces.

5. When poisoning rats with bait boxes positioned correctly, use the proper sort of rodenticide.

6. Repeated trips to control the problem.

How Much Do Services For Rat Pest Control Cost?

A rat exterminator's price will depend on the area and the type of pest control service. The average cost for two visits in Yorkshire is £110, which includes inspection and medical care.

How Long Does It Take To Get Rid Of Rats Using Pest Control?

Depending on how much of a rat infestation you have in your house, it might take some time. For lower rodent populations, two visits may be enough. However, larger vermin problems may require four to five visits, and in certain cases, continued monthly inspections are necessary to manage rats if the underlying problem is beyond your control.


Will The Council Get Rid Of A Rat Problem?

It all depends on where you reside, and the service is still a cost.

You can get assistance and guidance from the local government's pest control services or Environmental Health team when dealing with pest and vermin issues.

However, the quality of service varies among municipalities; some have response times that take weeks to respond, while others contract out to national businesses with various degrees of success.

If the issue isn't resolved right away, the rat problem will just get worse and cost you more money to fix. Because of this, hiring local pest controllers is frequently the best choice for your house and property.

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Rat Control Methods


How Can Rats Be Removed? (As Well As Avoid Re-Infestation)

Are you sick of seeing rats chewing on food and pipes in your house or office block and spreading various diseases?

You could have already taken some efforts to get rid of the infestation on your own, or you might be seeking for a suitable solution to get rid of rats and stop an infestation from happening again. As a result, we shall talk specifically about that in this blog.

Before we get started, let's examine why rat infestation is a problematic issue in the UK.

According to a new report, there are more than 3.5 million urban rats in Britain.

Given that rats only live for two to three years, this statistic is disturbing. However, they may mate three months after birth and produce six litters with a total of 12 puppies. Simply said, one mating couple of rats may give birth to 6,000 offspring throughout the course of their lifetime.

Therefore, if you have a rat infestation in Yorkshire, call for rat eradication right away on 0114 3491098. Do not wait for pests to make things worse.

Continue reading to find out more about how to safeguard your family while also getting rid of rats.


6 Rat Removal Methods

A rat is drawn to spills, loosely closed food containers, and litter. These ominous creatures are found in a location that is around 122 metres away from a food supply. As a result, the following techniques will aid in your rodent control efforts.

1. Clear out any areas, such as attics, that have surplus stock or wood.
2. Keep the space around the outdoor cooking station clean and cut back any overgrown grass or clutter in your yard.
3. Block the access points and plug the holes. Pests frequently infiltrate through pipe gaps or establish nests in cracks in decking.
4. Since they will eat practically everything, take precautions to keep any food out of their reach. To prevent attracting the bug, make sure no food is left on the surfaces.
5. Keep food waste distance from your house and carefully shut the container's lid. Additionally, choose a steel bin rather than a plastic one because rats will still chew on plastic ones.
6. An adult male rat often drinks up to 60ml of water each day. Therefore, to prevent attracting creepy crawlies, empty and flip over any water containers. Watch out for paddling ponds near your house as well.

After learning how to control pests, let's explore why poisoning them is never a good idea, how to get rid of rats, how long eradication takes, and more. 

Rats are incredibly adaptable and intelligent, and they frequently withstand a variety of challenging environmental factors, including full-scale human attempts to eradicate them.

What Are the Top Do-It-Yourself Removal Techniques?

I thought I'd include the information because I discovered it at Similar to the electrical sound deterrents, in our experience, they don't accomplish much to keep rats out of your property, but it could be worth a shot when a lone rat is just starting to look for a new nest.

There are several straightforward, affordable methods you may attempt if you're seeking for ways to simply get rid of the rats on your own. These consist of:

    • To catch the rat (without hurting it) and release it safely away from your home, set up a "bait station." You may entice them with meals like bacon, almonds, and dried fruits.
    • Employ a conventional rat trap. These are available from nearby hardware stores.
    • To deter them, scatter cloves, cayenne pepper, pepper, and peppermint oil about the house.
    • Near entrances and holes, sprinkle some crushed pepper or spritz some pepper spray.


Why Should Rats Never Be Poisoned?

Rat poisons must be used carefully since they are deadly and can damage your pets. Your dogs and children run the risk of coming into touch with the poisons if you poison rats. It is advised to catch a mouse and release it far away.

Rats' nests may be in areas you haven't visited, making it difficult to discover their bodies after they pass away, which is another major argument against using poison to kill rats. Additionally, a rat's body emits an intolerable scent that will only make the issue worse.

It is therefore advisable to let the specialist handle the situation.

What Is The Time Frame For Rat Removal?

The length of time it takes to get rid of rats depends on how bad the infestation is. Rodents can be eradicated from a simple instance in 3-6 weeks. A home with a serious infestation issue might take three months.

The crucial actions are:

    • must cover every point of entry
    • to cut off the water and food supply
    • apply pest control measures to the structure
    • get rid of the pest problem in your house or workplace

These chores appear simple on the surface. To achieve total pest eradication and avoid re-infestation, there are other considerations that we must make.

When the infestation gets out of control, rats find many access points and make life difficult for homeowners.


Engage The Rat Catcher

When you make an appointment with our rat exterminator, we'll pay close attention to the initial visit, during which we'll locate the routes and pathways the rats take and seal all possible access sites. These include places for nests beneath garden decks, cracks around pipes, and other places. Then, we place bait in potential hiding spots for crawlers.

Following up after 5-7 days, we make sure to remove the bait boxes with the caught crawlers from your property to avoid a re-infestation.

On average, this procedure (including the follow-up) might take up to a week. If the infestation persists after that, we return to address the issue.

As a result, the length of time it takes to eradicate rats depends on the level of infestation.

At Apex Pest Control, we have expertise treating all different types of rat infestations, including eliminating a sizeable population of these infamous pests and taking precautions to avoid re-infestation.


Contact A Rat Exterminator Right Away!

Given how difficult it may be to get rid of rats, we advise against taking matters into your own hands and in favour of seeking expert assistance.

To get rid of a rat infestation in your house or business building, give us a call at 0114 349 1098 right away.

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Rat Killing Expert How To Eradicate A Rat Problem


How to Get Rid of a Rat Infestation Using A Rat Exterminator

Rats are nocturnal pests that proliferate in late summer or as autumn approaches.

Although there is no news about rat infestations in the UK, getting rid of rats hurts. Furthermore, it is disturbing to even imagine that rats may nest inside your house, munch on food, and leave a mess.

Not to mention fatal diseases like leptospirosis (Weil's disease). People who live in any structure, whether a house or a place of business, find it upsetting when rats spread disease that leads to an unsanitary atmosphere.

This necessitates the use of a professional rat control service right now.

Naturally, those who have children or pets at home are more concerned about a bug infestation.

There are two harmful hazards posed by these creepy crawlers:

    • To pollute your home's food supply; and
    • Damage the structure of your property.

When DIY solutions fall short, the infestation spreads, causing additional mayhem and the potential for illness, and the situation becomes worse. Therefore, it is crucial to eliminate rats as soon as possible and exhale with comfort.

If you're already in a difficult situation, don't hesitate any longer and give us a call right now on 0114 349 1098. Experts in eliminating rat infestations include Apex Pest Control's rat exterminators. They will take action to prevent more infestations with rats.

Continue reading if you want to learn more about rat infestations. This article will cover the warning indications of rat infestation, when to hire rat removal professionals, and how much such services will cost.

So let's start by committing to getting rid of the rat problem!

Sewer rats, sometimes known as the common, brown, or norwegian rat, are common across the United Kingdom.

When Should You Hire A Rat Exterminator?

The occasional capture of a few rats following their discovery may sound successful. But it is only the very top of the iceberg. The rat may have a large family that is concealed in nests or burrows.

Poisoning is ineffective as well, since dead rats have an unpleasant stench and are more difficult to find.

Therefore, it is unsettling to consider that there may be more than one living in your house, creeping into the kitchen, and smearing their greasy bodies all over the surfaces.

Consequently, the following two circumstances necessitate calling a rat exterminator:

When you see signs: You should call a rat exterminator right away if you see any indications that you have a rat infestation in your house.

Upon finding the nest or den: This might be a nest or a burrow if you have located the exact site of the infestation. After this, you must immediately contact a specialist to treat the infestation.

A more complicated rat control method is needed in the most catastrophic situations, where the property has already sustained significant damage to several important sections. Large attics and basements are most often indicative of this type of property. (

Let's now look at some indicators of a rat infestation in your home or place of business. 

Black rats may live in a variety of environments. They can be found near warehouses, homes, and other populated locations in metropolitan settings.

Indications Of A Rat Infestation 

You should have a better understanding of the dangers that rats pose by now. Keep an eye out for these indications that call for control services.

  • Gnaw marks: Black and brown rats make up the majority of the rat population. Black rats are swift and nimble, which makes them a common sight in attics. So it's difficult to ignore chew marks on the cables and wires in the attic as an indication of an infestation.
  • Rattling noise: Examining when you hear a rattling or scratching sound is another clear indication of an infestation. Rats bite anything with their teeth making a noise as they do so.
  • Rat droppings: If you see dark brown, typically tapered droppings that resemble rice grains, you may be sure that brown rats are to blame.
  • Rat holes: Rodents dig tunnels where they may store food, nest, and shelter. Burrows are often found next to sturdy buildings.
  • Rat nest: Rats find comfort in any warm location with ready access to food. As a result, check your attic, eaves and wall cavities. Rats use cardboard and other soft materials to build their nests.
  • Footprints: Keep an eye out in your home's less-trafficked areas, where dust tends to build. There, it's simpler to see footsteps and discover an infestation.

Let's look at some locations you should be on the lookout for the culprit's nets or dens now that you know what indications to look for.

In addition to the health dangers, the noise they make as they move about the house, the signs of their existence, and the harm they may inflict make it difficult for homeowners to fall asleep. (

Notable Rat Infestation Hotspots

1. Compost bin: Rats hide in the compost bin because it is a convenient place to get food and shelter. Look for gnaw marks on the container's top or side to detect an infestation.

2. Overgrown garden: Rats enjoy the comfort of vegetation as a home, so keep an eye out for any holes near trees, shrub roots, or abandoned wastelands.

3. Decking: Check the edge of the decking for holes or scratch marks as these might indicate a rat nest or infestation.

4. Garage: Another possible point of entry or concealment for creepy crawlies. As a result, keep an eye out for gnaw marks on wooden doors or other entrance points.

5. Drains: Infestation is indicated by holes or biting marks on drain covers.

6. Sheds: Look for rat holes or access sites in sheds, which are often located outside the house.

7. Loft: Rats will find a home in your attic if it has been a while since you were up there and it is messy since they have access to building materials. So, check the loft for chewed objects or rat droppings.

8. Kitchen: Without a doubt, one of the areas where rats prowl about most frequently is the kitchen. Look under the dishwasher or the kitchenware.

9. Laundries: look behind pipes or behind the washing machine. 

Is It Okay If I Have One Rat In My Home?

No, it is improbable that even one rat will be present in your house or property. Since rats are typically gregarious animals and breed frequently, it is doubtful that your home will contain just one rat.

How Can Pest Controllers Eliminate Rats?

Now that we know where to search for the infection, we can recognise it easily. Let us demonstrate the methods we take to ensure that the rat is removed from your house and that the access points are sealed as well.

Step 1

It's important to constantly check any suspected rat access locations first. We accomplish this by looking at both the inside and the outside. We search for the above-mentioned warning indicators, including rat droppings, bite marks, and property damage.

Step 2

Marking the entry site. Following confirmation of the infection, we searched for access points. These sites might include air vents, sewers, drains, and drainpipes. Then, we block these spots to stop the rats from interfering again.

Step 3

Set up a rattrap or bait station. We have a number of techniques for catching rats, including placing rodenticide bait in impenetrable bait stations. We set the trap after discussing it with you and getting your approval. We place the trap based on the extent of the infestation and with your family's safety in mind.

Step 4

We will continue after that! After 5-7 days from the initial visit, a member of our crew returns to check the facility and remove the rat's carcass. 

Use tamper-resistant bait stations that retain the bait in place and keep kids and dogs out to prevent accidental poisoning.

How Can We Stop Rat Interference?

1. Avoid overfeeding the birds: If you do, make sure to set up a suitable table or feeder basket to keep out unwanted rodents. To avoid luring rats, many people bring the basket or feeder inside at night.

2. Keep trash cans clean: Make sure to wash them after you empty them. Covering any bin is a crucial step to perform in order to stop rats from entering and establishing a nest.

3. Seal any potential access sites: Rats may enter through areas near pipes and windows. Nearby under the shed is another location to check. To stop rats from entering, be careful to provide evidence for these claims.

4. Avoid possible nesting areas: Rats should be eliminated from any areas where they may hide and acquire food. These include compost piles and overgrown portions of the garden. Additionally, keep an eye out for debris in your attic since rats can build nests there using things like heaps of wood and other things they can bite into. 

Consider entrance points. Rats can fit through spaces as narrow as two fingers, so even tiny holes provide them with easy access. (

How Much Does It Cost To Have Rats Removed By An Exterminator?

The expense of eliminating rats is around £110. This involves carrying out all of the aforementioned stages, from inspecting the land to setting up traps and bait stations to making a follow-up visit.

Additionally, the fee will be £35 if extra visits and additional pest control treatments are necessary due to the infestation.

Contact us to receive precise rates based on the location, size, and other factors of the infestation as well as the space of your property.


How Can Rats Be Eliminated?

Now that we are aware of the danger that these rodents pose to your family and your property, let's take action to get rid of rats from your home. To receive expert rat eradication in your home or commercial facility, get in contact with us.

You can protect your property and the health of your family and pet with our guaranteed services to get rid of the rats in your home.

Providing a guaranteed rat control service, we are a group of competent pest controllers that guarantee getting rid of rats and preventing reinfestation.

In addition to infestation, rat control measures, extermination, and ultimately, rat proofing, we handle full difficulties.

We also work every day of the week and are NPTA certified.

So choose a secure approach to get rid of the rat problem in your home!

In order to enjoy a pest-free home, call Apex Pest Control at 0114 3491098 today if you have rats.

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Pest Control Squirrel

What Are The Risks Of Pest Control (Squirrel)?   Squirrels are a pest problem for many homeowners. They can cause significant damage to the home’s exterior, roof, and attic. While they can be cute and harmless, squirrels can also bring with them a variety of risks. It is important to understand the potential risks associated …

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from Apex Pest Control

To Protect Your Property, Professional Rat Pest Control And Prevention Are Needed


Dependable Services For Controlling Rats

Nothing is more unsettling than realising that rats have entered your house or place of business. These furry pests may cause significant damage and provide a serious health risk to everyone who is on the property.

Avoid letting rats keep you up at night. Employ a rat pest control specialist, and you may relax knowing that these unwelcome intruders will receive a lasting eviction notice.

With more than 30 years of combined expertise, our staff has the skills and resources needed to handle infestations both large and small, straightforward and difficult. For a free estimate and the assistance you require, call now.

Our helpful team is ready to hear how we can help with therapy and services and is waiting with open arms.


You Can Rely On Our Expert Rat Exterminator Services!

Do you suspect a rat infestation in your house or place of business? Unfortunately, this is a rather typical issue. The number of brown rats in the UK is thought to be about 15 million, and as a result of recent warmer winters, this number has been slowly rising.

But how can you tell if you have a rat infestation? Are there any warning indications you should look out for to deal with rodent problems before they get out of hand?


Noise And Sound Are Indicators Of Rat Infestation

Rat pest control is the treatment and proofing service provided by an expert pest control firm for a rat infestation.

The sound of scuttling coming from floorboards or hollow walls is one of the first indications that you have a rat infestation in your residence or place of business. Additionally, you could hear them grinding their teeth and scraping. Rats are nocturnal creatures; thus the night is typically when they are most active.

Businesses that frequently function throughout the daytime don't become aware of a rat infestation until the issue has really gotten out of hand.


Droppings are another hallmark of a rat infestation. These are often pellet-shaped, black in colour, and resemble huge grains of rice. Although they might resemble one another, mouse droppings are typically significantly smaller and have more pointed, less rounded ends.

Rats can leave up to 40 droppings in a day and frequently utilise the same area to urinate.

Food items with damage or chew marks, packaging, and more

Rats are infamous for their ability to destroy structures, food, and packaging. The appearance of shredded or chewed food packaging on counters or in cabinets, as well as gnaw marks on solid objects, wiring, and pipes throughout the property, are typical signs of an infestation.

Smudge Marks or Remains

Smear marks, a greasy residue left by a rat's body coupled with regions where they regularly pass by, are a visible indicator that many house and business owners overlook. Rats can only see a few feet in front due to their poor vision.

As a result, they cling to well-worn paths and tracks inside a building and brush their bodies against walls to assist them find their way.

Additional Visual Cues

In rare instances, unusually dusty sections of a property may allow the observation of footprints and tail marks. Additionally, it goes without saying that viewing the pest directly is essential. You can be certain that there are more rats in the house if there is one.


When is the Risk To Your Property The Highest?

At any season of the year, rats can enter a property. However, fall is when it happens more frequently. Rats can survive the summer months outside in warmer weather, with plenty of plants to support them and dense foliage to hide in.

Rats typically move towards more metropolitan areas in search of food and refuge when the weather becomes colder and the harvest season comes to an end.


How Can Rats Get Inside Structures?

Rats may enter a structure through as little as a 15mm opening. These kinds of holes are typically found on the lower floors of a home, particularly near pipes, air vents, and windows. Rats can climb effectively; thus it's possible that they are also getting access to higher floors of a building.

After dealing with the rat infestation, our rat control service can help you locate these avenues of entry and seal them up to prevent a recurrence of the problem. 

How To Eliminate A Rat Problem

Despite the fact that there are several "DIY" ways to help with rat management, infestations can easily spiral out of control due to these pests' rapid reproductive cycles. Hiring an expert rat removal company with the necessary equipment, supplies, and knowledge to handle the situation is the best course of action.

At Apex Pest Control, we use innovative, safe, and highly successful rat removal, termination, and prevention strategies.

Our expert rodent control service uses tried-and-true techniques to deal with your issue promptly and successfully while avoiding new infestations. As a result, you can relax knowing that your house will be secure and pest-free.


What's The Process For Our Rat Control Service?

When you contact Apex Pest Control, our helpful staff will record the specifics of your circumstance and perhaps even ask you some questions to learn as much as they can about what's happening.

After that, they will arrange a time for you to come in and personally evaluate the issue so they can start the rat removal procedure. In order for you to comprehend the control treatment services in and around your house, Apex rat exterminator will explain the rat treatment and poison for rats utilised.

Our Trustworthy And Successful Process For Research And Reconnaissance

We first inspect the structure. We carefully look for any indications of a rat infestation indoors, outside, and in the local vicinity. Droppings, which can reveal the size of the rats, will be inspected. Additionally, any animal-caused damage or nesting places must be removed.

Finding entry points

We locate any potential ways of entry and escape the rats may be using in this stage. Rats frequently enter and exit buildings through channels including sewers, drains, drainpipes, and air vents.

In order to stop additional infiltration, we identify these places of entry and prove them before sealing and blocking them.

Bait stations or rat traps

Our skilled rat exterminators will set up traps or bait stations in accordance with:

    • client preferences
    • Extermination techniques that are agreed upon.

When poisoning rats, we also make sure that any traps or bait stations are safely out of the reach of kids and pets.

No one wants to kill anything unless absolutely necessary, yet traditional rat traps frequently fail to control rat infestations due to the health risks they pose to you, your family, and your pets. We may suggest rodenticides depending on the likelihood of structural damage and the size of the infestation.

Take Action

Our pest professional will come back for a follow-up visit in 5-7 days. Re-inspecting the building or residence, they will verify all baiting locations and remove any deceased rats.


I Have A Rat Infestation, Will Apex Pest Control Get Rid Of It?

Rat pest control by Apex Pest Control is a professional pest control company providing treatment and proofing solutions for a rat infestation.


If we didn't get rid of the rats, we wouldn't be in business. At Apex, we make sure that all rats are eliminated and removed from your home in addition to putting protective safeguards in place to ward off rodent infestations in the future.

Rat removal assurance

We offer a 30-day guarantee from the date of our previous appointment that any additional evidence of infestation will be treated again at no additional cost. The same Pest Control Operator will visit your home or business each time to guarantee that we provide the finest and most efficient service possible. After each visit, the operator will provide you with a thorough report to keep you updated on the situation.

You may be certain that your pest management issue is in good hands since our pest control crew is professionally qualified and has more than 30 years of expertise. We provide a therapy and solution that is specifically based on your needs.

Apex Pest Controllers are NPTA-certified, fully insured, and accessible seven days a week. We strive to make the procedure quick and easy so you can halt the rat infestation and go back to your regular routine.

Our Exterminators For Rats:

    • Be punctual for appointments.
    • Respect and professionalism
    • Will guarantee the security of all around humans and animals.
    • Are knowledgeable and experienced
    • Will discuss all available eradication choices with you and identify a resolution that you find comfortable.


What Is The Price Of Rat Pest Control?

Our rat control service typically costs £110. There will be two visits total—one to completely examine the condition and start the rat eradication procedure, and another one seven days later to check on the progress.

While this typically solves the issue, some circumstances can necessitate further visits. All further visits after the first two will be charged at a rate of £35 each.

We take pleasure in our work and provide generous warranties for our pest control service to ensure that you are always properly taken care of. All popular credit and debit cards are accepted here.

Please contact us on 0114 349 1098 if you need professional rat pest control.


Why You Must Address Your Rat Infestation Right Away?

Rats, unfortunately, represent a serious risk to both individual and societal health. Rats urinate as they walk to disperse their smell and mark their territory.

Leptospirosis, often known as Weil's disease, is carried by around 50% of rats in the UK. They are also well known to spread a number of other harmful viruses and illnesses, such as:

    • Salmonella
    • Listeria
    • Hantavirus
    • Toxoplasma Gondi

Because rats frequently come into touch with locations where food is prepared and their urine, these illnesses are highly contagious among people.

Brown rats and other rodents have the ability to cause damage to buildings and private property in addition to endangering humans by spreading disease.

Rats constantly nibble through any substance they may find in order to grind down their developing teeth.

Rats frequently nibble on objects including cinderblocks, glass, wood, plastic, and metal. Additionally, they are known to gnaw through water and gas pipelines, which can burst and cause significant scale damage. They are also known to chew through electrical connections, which can pose a significant fire danger.


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It is crucial to act fast to prevent an outbreak from getting out of control if you have an infestation or have observed a rat in your home or on your commercial property.

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Friday, May 12, 2023

Rat Control

At Apex Pest Control, we provide expert rat control services throughout Yorkshire, UK. We use our local pest controllers to ensure that your vermin problem is immediately resolved. Since no two projects are identical, your rat control is customised to your house, garden, and any property that needs rat eradication services.

To get rid of a black rat or brown rat problem, our expert rat removal team use efficient techniques that are safe for kids and pets. A lot of people start with DIY items, which is OK, but because rodents reproduce fast, you may easily get overwhelmed at a startling rate. This is where our pest control services can help you for a long-term solution.

How We Remove and Control a Rat

  • Survey – The first step that must be taken is to check the building and the surrounding area for rat activity. Evaluate the status and extent of the infestation at the site.
  • Proofing and prevention – In order to prevent rats from entering and exiting the property, we look for areas like water and drain lines that may need to be sealed up during the initial inspection.
  • Baiting – Traditional rat traps are no longer effective against a rat family. The most popular method of control for rats is baiting using various insecticides to poison them. In order to utilise professional rodenticide in the bait stations, I am picking the proper grade.
  • Follow up visits – Each task involves two trips to remove the dead animals, keep an eye on the situation, and prevent any rat re-entry. You will be pest-free after you haven't spotted any more rats for a certain amount of time and we are confident they've disappeared.

Types of Rats

The most prevalent and well-known rodent in Europe and the UK is the brown rat, sometimes referred to as the common rat, street rat, or sewer rat. Pests like to reside in towns and cities where there are human habitations.

The black rat is a long-tailed rodent sometimes known as the ship rat, roof rat, or occasionally a house rat. Because rats will devour a variety of crops, just like mice, rat pest management is a serious issue for farmers. On open ground, weasels and foxes serve as natural predators and pest controllers.

How to Prevent Rats

Our therapies will need a first appointment and any necessary follow-up appointments, as indicated by our survey. All sites where rats will come into touch with a rodenticide but are safe for people or other non-target species will have baits laid down.

To manage pests, we employ formulations of a second-generation rodenticide that are appropriate for each work. Our local pest control professional will make the first follow-up visit between five and seven days later to examine our baits and remove any deceased rats.

We will get more details during the second visit, such as the most frequently frequented places and the potential number of rats being handled. Additionally, we look for any new hiding spots that might cause issues.

We will schedule further appointments for follow-up visits if required until we are certain that all rats have been eradicated. We provide a 30-day guarantee from the date of our most recent visit that we will treat any additional sightings at no additional cost. Any symptoms after this point are considered new infestations.

Since no two projects are identical, our rat exterminator service is always customised to each house, workplace, or other location of circumstance. Call right now for a professional rat removal service in your area.

Residential Control

We do a site inspection prior to beginning any rat control treatments. The inspection is done to learn more about potential access points and places where rats have been heard or spotted. It's crucial to get access to locations beneath the floor, the roof, kitchen units, airing cupboards, garages, and outdoor spaces.

We can prevent you from acquiring a rat in your home or yard by expanding the places we inspect. A verbal or written tick-box risk assessment will be completed at the time of the survey.

Using the accurate data from the survey and our understanding of the biology and behaviour of rats, some of the indicators we are searching for include:

    • Holes
    • Droppings
    • Rat runs
    • Smear mark
    • Smell
    • Damage
    • Gnawing
    • Dead or alive rats
    • Tracks
    • Nests
    • Food source


Commercial Control 

Before we can provide you a price for pest treatment, we must first assess the location for commercial pest control for rats.

Your property will be evaluated at our site inspection for:

    • common locations to conceal
    • access points
    • outside the building
    • neighbouring structures
    • evidence of rats
    • Health problems

You will get information on the disease, the materials used, and suggestions for aftercare and ongoing pest control before our technician begins treatment.

Control at Food Premises

These businesses are concerned about the possibility of food spills and the possibility of rodenticide contamination. This risk will be eliminated by the usage of block formulations. For both rats and mice, tamper-resistant bait stations can be utilised with indicator blocks (non-toxic blocks) in vulnerable places.

When rodent infestation is eradicated, internal bait sites should be kept to a minimum and then decreased. In industrial areas, wall and floor fixings are preferred and safer. Boiler rooms, false roofs, and locations away from manufacturing areas pose a significant danger and should be baited.

If necessary for the area, perimeter baits should be installed after conducting an environmental risk assessment and providing reasons. To provide the best amount of security for the bait, these should be fixed tamper-resistant types. The internal placement of the bait points in kitchens and restaurants should be the same as in residential buildings.

Production area baiting is frequently prohibited on sites.


Control at Farms

Since farms come in a variety of sizes and shapes, living quarters will be necessary on the property. Therefore, taking into account domestic animals and children is also important. Storage of food for animals and crops, bedding, and even animal waste will provide the perfect setting for a rat infestation. When winter arrives, rodents that eat and live outside will penetrate structures.

Bait stations are used to treat indoor rats when they can be reached and positioned in a secure area. At tamper-resistant bait stations, we utilise blocks if spillage-related contamination is a concern.

The rats must regularly consume water; thus they require easy access to a water source. Runs towards the water's source could be noticeable and suggest harborage. If they can be securely baited, they will be done while getting rid of rats. they may be obvious as holes. Cover the holes with nearby items like stones or wood to lessen the risk to non-targets.

Filling up holes will also have the benefit of keeping the rat baits dry, which will prolong their palatability. In order to keep kids from getting to the bait, the bait sites should ideally be at least 60 cm down the rat hole. Upon justification and after conducting an environmental risk assessment, exterior rat bait sites are used to protect farm buildings from rats. The best degree of protection for treating rats in these areas would be fixed, tamper-resistant bait stations.


Hire a Professional Rat Exterminator

There are always several rats, which is a bad indicator if there are any, in the home or garden. Hire a rat exterminator from Apex Pest Control for the best pest control procedure. Our licenced professionals are now members of prestigious pest control industry organisations including the National Pest Technicians Association (NPTA).

We are a pest treatment firm that cares, so please schedule your survey right away and regain control of your property.

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How big does a brown rat get?

The underparts of the rodent are lighter grey or brown, while the coarse hair is often brown or dark grey. A brown rat may weigh twice as much as a black rat and is a rather hefty creature.

The head and body are between 15 and 28 cm (6 and 11 in) long. The tail's length varies from 10.5 to 24 cm at the same period. The weight of an adult will be between 140 and 500 g. Huge individuals are said to reach weights of 900–1,000g (1 kg). However, usually those are domestic species.


Why are rats in the UK more common in the autumn?

Mice and rats search for the warmest spots to shelter when the weather grows colder. Unfortunately, that generally entails trespassing into your house. Rats are typically diseased. Keeping rodents at bay is crucial for maintaining a clean and healthy house.

The vermin may seriously ruin dwellings in addition to spreading dangerous infections. They typically eat wires, leave waste along their primary travel routes, break through walls, and leave greasy markings on surfaces where they usually travel.

Food is more limited in the winter, so when springtime comes, their natural food sources outside of your house are more plentiful. You may be sure that between March and May, rats will start returning to the outdoors.


How do you know if you have a rat problem?

There are various indicators that you may look for to determine whether rats have moved into your property. Knowing these symptoms early on and doing attentive inspections on a regular basis will make the difference between unsuccessful and effective pest management.

Evidence of Nesting – Paper, cardboard, or plants that have been torn into little pieces may indicate the construction of a nest. Thorough inspections are necessary since nests frequently end up in hidden locations that are out of sight and rarely visited by people.

Damage to Property – Rats and mice like to chew on things; therefore signs of gnawing are an indication of an infestation. As rats gather ingredients for their nests, check cabinets and pantry areas for damage to packaging. Rats and mice will make food products and fruit bowls their main targets, so any signs of eating must be dealt with right away.

Rodent Tracks – Rodents prefer to take the same path to and from their nests. Therefore, they frequently leave behind smear or oil marks as proof of their activities.

Faecal Matter – All animals leave droppings, or faeces. Rodent droppings are simple to find. You will be made aware of a potential issue if you keep an eye out for any such symptoms.



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